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九州天下现金网在这个页面的底部有一个FAQ部分,在那里九州天下现金网回答最常见的问题. 如果您有一个问题,您没有在这里看到回答,或只是想要一个个人的答复,请使用下面的联系形式. We have a knowledgeable team of customer support staff waiting to help you. We will get back to you at the very first opportunity during working hours.

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We‘re open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide live support from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm EST.

Logo公司TLC AB是位于Alfred Svens väg 14A的公司总部, 26976 Torekov, Sweden with company registration number 559259-0227.


You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Over 20 years in business means a lot of questions. Fortunately, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Yes we can. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Your unique business situation can require a completely tailor made solution. 这就是为什么您可以与九州天下现金网的品牌顾问之一预约一个电话时间,讨论一个负担得起的解决方案,只为您. CONTACT ME
当九州天下现金网开始你的标志设计时,九州天下现金网会立即分配一个由5名设计师组成的团队. Within three business days, 这些专业的设计师将创造五个独特的概念设计前进. In order for us to dedicate these resources to your logo, we need to confirm you’re a genuine customer. 你的预付款说明你和九州天下现金网一样认真对待你的新商标. Fortunately, 九州天下现金网的成本低于大多数设计师,九州天下现金网致力于与您沟通, the customer. 此外,九州天下现金网提供100%的退款保证,所以您的投资仍然安全. GET STARTED
Yes we can. If you email your existing logo to us in its current format, we can provide a quote for both price and time commitment. In the vast majority of cases, we’ll be able to prepare your design in multiple formats, including a vector file that can be resized with zero loss of quality. EMAIL US
We’ve got you covered. We provide you with unlimited redraws and revisions. So if you’re unhappy with your first set of designs, we can have a conversation to figure out what’s working and what needs work. 根据九州天下现金网的经验,第二套设计通常是一针见血的. GET STARTED
That’s okay! This is surprisingly common among our customers. Fortunately, we’re prepared. 当你下订单时,你将完成一份关于你的业务的简短问卷. 九州天下现金网的设计师已经掌握了从这些问卷回答中获取灵感的艺术,并使用它来创建令人惊叹的商标 and relevant. 无论你是否有一个清晰的愿景,九州天下现金网的首要任务是创造一个你喜欢的设计. GET STARTED
Absolutely. We have the best refund policy on the market, and it’s simple. 如果在过程中的任何点,您对九州天下现金网的工作不满意,九州天下现金网将退款100%您的购买. No questions, no red tape. 九州天下现金网的退款保证是有效的,直到您选择最终设计或如果一个项目没有完成在90天内您的订单. GET STARTED
该标志是在Adobe Illustrator行业标准矢量绘制程序中设计的. 如果你有访问Adobe Illustrator,你绝对可以自己编辑徽标. The master file that you’ll receive is fully editable, as well. GET STARTED
You do. At the end of the logo design process when we send, 九州天下现金网会把你需要的所有文件格式发给你,还有一份版权转让证书. This certificate is your proof that you own the copyright to the design. 九州天下现金网对您的标识保留零权利,这意味着您可以自由地使用它. GET STARTED
If you can imagine a place to use your logo, you can apply it there. The master file we send over makes this possible. 有了这个文件,您可以调整大小或重新着色您的标志与零损失的质量. GET STARTED
With five designers assigned to your logo and unlimited redraws, you could feasibly see more original designs than you can count. Each design will be completely unique and 100% relevant to your business. You can experiment as much as you like and there won’t be any rush from us. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with your new logo. GET STARTED
Initial designs will be ready for you to view in just three business days. 任何随后的重新绘制或修改的设计将需要额外的两个工作日. 凭借九州天下现金网20年的经验,九州天下现金网对这些转机时刻有100%的信心. GET STARTED
We have 3 different logo packages: A logo design only package for $199. 一个标志与一个匹配的文具集设计为249美元和一个标志与一个匹配的文具集设计包括500张名片交付到您的门在美国或加拿大的任何地方为339美元. You may be offered one or two optional upgrades at checkout. 可选的升级包括微软Word版的专业打印信笺,售价80美元. 一个社交媒体文件格式包为100美元,并不时提供各种打印. GET STARTED
九州天下现金网的项目管理系统允许您在整个过程中查看您的设计,并在每次迭代中提供反馈. Once the final design is complete, you’ll be able to download it right from our system to your computer. 另外,如果您的设计稿丢失了,九州天下现金网将妥善保存在九州天下现金网的档案中. 九州天下现金网也可以直接与您选择的打印机工作,并将他们可能需要的任何文件代表您. GET STARTED
不幸的是,客户不可能直接与设计师交谈. That being said, 在整个设计过程中,每个客户都与九州天下现金网一位经验丰富的项目经理一起工作. 这个项目经理将与您和您的设计师团队一起工作,以确保您离开时100%满意的最终产品. 九州天下现金网对九州天下现金网的沟通工作方式感到非常自豪,九州天下现金网迫不及待地想向您展示. GET STARTED
Yes! Though in most normal circumstances, you won’t need to. Our project management system runs like a well-oiled machine, 所以你可以发送实时信息,并在几分钟内得到实时回复. 话虽如此,九州天下现金网理解,有些问题最好通过电话来解决. So if you’d like to chat on the phone instead of online, just let us know. CONTACT ME
Absolutely. If you have a solid idea of what you want your logo to be, our designers can help you bring it to life. 九州天下现金网的服务的一部分魅力在于,九州天下现金网的设计师有能力帮助你充实一个粗略的想法,或者润色一个接近完成的想法. EMAIL US
九州天下现金网的文具套装包括所有你需要的商务名片的数字文件, envelopes, or letterhead printed. 每一项都将围绕你的标志设计,以帮助提升你的新品牌. It’s all about making a great first impression! 这一切都是为了给人留下良好的第一印象,而这些设计在打印出来的时候恰恰做到了这一点. GET STARTED
We print our business cards on a heavy card stock 12pt in weight. 为了让你们了解它是什么样子,它们的厚度和信用卡差不多. We can also print on both sides at no extra cost to you. GET STARTED
The stationery design process is very similar to the logo design process. 你可以从三个设计中选择,真正强调你的新标志和品牌. As a crucial part of your new branding, these designs are never based on templates and are always 100% original. GET STARTED
通常九州天下现金网的你.S. clients use letter size. 九州天下现金网的欧洲客户使用A4尺寸,而九州天下现金网的一些法定业务客户更喜欢法定尺寸. If you need a unique size, just let us know and we’ll make it happen. GET STARTED
Our envelopes are designed for the standard #10 size. U.S. 客户通常喜欢这个尺寸,欧洲客户通常订购类似的尺寸. If you need a unique size, just let us know and we’ll make it happen. GET STARTED
Yes. Everything starts with your logo, 但是一旦完成,九州天下现金网就可以设计出你需要的任何类型的营销材料. 九州天下现金网还可以提供多种设计和打印选项,将适合您的预算. When you’re ready to get your name out there, we’re ready to make it happen. CONTACT ME
Yes! If you’re ready to revitalize your online presence, we’re ready to help. Contact us 今天九州天下现金网将学习如何帮助你的网站产生真正的流量和转化率. LEARN MORE
Yes we do! You can earn 20% commission on all orders you send our way. LEARN MORE

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It’s a really easy and fast process to get your logo underway. 你填写一个简单的问卷,然后九州天下现金网飞到行动,把正确的团队在你的标志,适合你自己独特的情况.